Small Acts of Self-Care

I often wonder about this question because when I am taking care of myself  I become more calm, relaxed, laugh more and am more productive. But, when I stop–either forgetting, making excuses or just choose not to take care of myself I feel more tired, stressed, grouchy and overwhelmed. What about you, do you make time to take care of yourself? What gets in your way? Do you notice what happens when you are practicing self-care?

Recently I was having a conversation with my friend Tami and she shared something that was a big “aha” for me. She said self-care doesn’t have to be huge acts that cost a lot of money or take a bunch of time or planning. Just doing and noticing small things that allow you to feel better is self-care. What? Are you serious? I always go for big and dismiss the small. However, I know that the small things are more sustainable and allow for more changes long term.

Tami shared a self-care balance sheet with me that I wanted to share with you. It’s a way to track all acts of positive or negative self-care.  Won’t it be fun to see the good things or the not so good things you do for yourself on a daily basis?

When completing the balance sheet be sure to use the broadest definition possible of any acts or thoughts that either supported you or did not support you throughout your day.

Examples of Positive Self-Care: Taking a deep breath, eating something nourishing, skipping empty calories, deferring a call, choosing to let someone ahead of you in traffic, walking instead or driving to enjoy the weather, stopping to watch the sunset.

Some examples of negative self-care: Engaging in a useless argument, forgetting to eat, and negative self-talk.

Once you begin seeing where things stand  you can then make adjustments to increase the amount of items in the positive column. Pay attention to how you’re interacting and moving through your daily life once this column begins to fill up. How empowered do you feel with each positive item you can add or check off?

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