Negative, ugly words—what do they look like?

I’d seen this apple experiment several times and decided to try it at our home. We took 1 apple, split it in quarters—putting one in a jar labeled “kind words” and one in a jar labeled “ugly words”. For one whole week we talked to the apples, several times a day.

top bottom

The results speak for themselves. The apple we spoke kind, loving and supporting to was still firm and white with only a little brown. The apple we spoke negative, ugly words to was rotted, molded and mush.

Even if you can’t “see” the results of what negative talk does to yourself and others, you can feel it.

If you go into work after having been told by your boss the day before that you’re lazy, slacking, slow….do you bring an A game? Probably not.

However, if you go into work the day after being told what a good worker you are, and having things pointed out that you do well….chances are high you do bring you A game. Same with how you speak to yourself. If you are internally saying means things to yourself, it shows in how you react in your life. If you’re being kind and positive, again it shows in what you do in your life.

Try it out, turn it around and start speaking kind words if you’re not already.


What Are You Trying to Fit Into?

Last week, I bought new jeans. After spending all winter trying to fit into ones I’d outgrown. It wasn’t comfortable or pretty. I was holding on, though because I kept saying things were going to change. Doing stuff that should allow my jeans to fit easier, but they still weren’t.

I planned the time to buy new jeans and I had wonderful service at the store. Funny thing, when I got the jeans home and finally looked at the sizes, I didn’t go up in size. My body had just changed and no longer fit into what I had worn in the past.

This was a huge metaphor to my work as well. I’d been staying in a job I no longer fit but keep trying even though it was no longer comfortable or pretty.  It was time to let go and move into something else that fit better–coaching and consulting full time.

Sharing this, my question to you is – what have you outgrown? OR where have you changed but continue to stay uncomfortable? Relationship, job, clothes, home, ego?

I kept trying to fit into the old because I was afraid of what I might see in the new.

Putting on my new jeans feels like freedom. That freedom now is seeping into every part of my life.


What Are You Waiting For?

That is the question. Excuses are common…..

“I’m waiting until the kids are out of school.”
“I’m waiting until the bills are paid.”
“I’m waiting until I loose weight.”

What excuses do you hear or tell yourself?

Stepping out of the known and “comfortable” into something you’re not sure of or can not see a clear picture of can be scary. That’s when the excuses come into play. Exuses allows you to stay where you’re at, even if you really want to give the other thing a try.

The excuses given either never goes away or when it does, there’s another excuse.  So people who say “I’m waiting until all the bills are paid”, end up with more bills—because really, how often are most of us ever fully done paying bills?

Same with the weight thing. That was what I would tell myself, “I can’t stand up in front of in front of people until I loose weight.” However yesterday, I did just that. And, it was fine!! My weight was not on my mind, the message I was sharing was.

I read a quote from Hugh Laurie  yesterday….“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”

You can not fully see it or feel it unless you do it.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Turn that around to what’s the best that could happen?

You’ll never know unless you try and you have right now.
Waiting for


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